Bib overalls

Personalisation options

- Zip front or studded side openings.
- Elastic rubber braces or in the same fabric as the garment, which do not slide off.
- A variety of pockets, adjusted to requirements.
- Removable zip legs.
- Zip on leg hem.
- Safety back, prevents air currents and abrasions.
- Elastic waistband.
- Fast brace closure with nylon buckles.
- Possibility of personalised logos: Leg, pockets, back with - Embroidery, screen-printing or vinyl.

Waterproofing treatment

We can manufacture our garments with stain repellent treated fabric that is easy to wash, based on the performance of the fluorochemical finishes that meet or exceed marketing performance requirements for the textile industry. Its benefits are:

- High durability water and oil repellent.
- Stain resistant fabric: saves time, dries faster, saves energy.
- The appearance, quality, feel or colour of the fabrics are unaltered.
- Minimum environmental impact without compromising performance.
- Products used for these treatments meet all environmental standards.

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