We design the garment that your company needs

Your ideal work garment is ready to be designed and manufactured, we adapt ourselves entirely to the requirements of the garment and the work for which it will be used, in addition to the tastes and preferences of our customers.

100% personalisation with different types of collars, shoulder styles, pockets, zips, Velcro fasteners, detachable sleeves or legs...making your garment unique.

Personalise it with your trademark or logo

We will place your logo on the garment, with its particular features and specifications using the means at our disposal;


- Screen-printing workshop

-Embroidery workshop

- Printing and cutting room for vinyl fabric with photographic quality


The graphic design department works to ensure the quality of visual elements.

We will send you a prototype

Based on the information on the ideas and needs of our customer, XORSA prepares the design of a prototype that will be sent with the estimate.

If the customer accepts the design, a physical prototype for mass production is made.

Made in Europe

Our garments are completely manufactured in our factory in Villalba (Lugo) in Spain, using responsible manufacturing processes. All the materials used in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality, provided by European suppliers.

We perform quality controls guaranteed by the ISO 9001:2008 certification, implemented since the year 2000. We respect the environment and the waste produced is treated by certified companies for each specific case.

We deliver how and where you want

We offer a logistics service to customers with several branch offices, or those who want to carry out a promotion and distribute in their entire network, with no extra storage or handling costs, only covering the cost of transport.

Fair market prices

We are prepared to adapt to our customers, in terms of the size of the order and the delivery deadline.

The direct manufacturer – customer relationship implies lower product costs, which we call fair price.